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Corrie Rolf-Dunn with the folks at YES & FOOD

June 28, 2012

in Studio Events

Last night we had a party at YES & FOOD Comedy Cabaret in Coon Rapids, MN to thank all our volunteers for their participation with our Year End Production, YEP, for short. We call it our Year End Production instead of “Recital” as it is an extravaganza beyond what the mind of an audience usually imagines when they will see a recital. Just like our Year End Production, our time at YES & FOOD did not disappoint. The food and entertainment was greater than imagined. The staff was friendly, talented, and I would recommend it for anyone wishing a delightful evening out, or when setting up your own private party.

You ask what does this have to do with Northland School of Dance? While watching the show I realized what an advantage it would be to the Northland students to have classes in improvisation. The quick thinking and creative movement would be a fabulous learning tool for the outgoing students, and help to resolve shyness, in the more introverted students. The benefits to their performance skills would be exceptional. At Northland we are always looking for new, cutting edge ideas to bring to our programs!

Watch for more details regarding improv at Northland!

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