We’re Headed to the Olympic Games in London!

July 27, 2012

in 2012 London Olympics

Northland School of Dance travels once more to perform at the Olympics, this time in London, 2012

Twelve years ago we attended our first Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. It was a dream come true! A once in a lifetime trip and every memorable moment was relished. Yes, it was awesome! But that was to be just the beginning. Northland School of Dance set a reputation for excellence and we were asked back again and again.

Since the 2000 Games in Australia, Northland dancers have attended two international trips, with one being the 2008 Bejing China Olympics. What a cultural extravaganza! Now, here we are again presented with another opportunity to take a group of Northland dancers across the pond to London, England to perform in the 2012 Olympic venues. While there we will have the privilege to perform at 6 different venues consisting of 12 performances, including: Olympic Park, Weymouth Bayside Festival, Exhibition Road, BT London Live – Victoria Park, and the Peninsula Festival. Our tour will consist of some memorable sightseeing adventures including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more! We will walk amongst the Olympians, attend a women’s soccer event, and experience the excitement of the Olympics and the culture of England. We depart for this memorable adventure on Saturday, July 28th, returning home on August 5th. Watch for our upcoming blogs highlighting our experiences at the XXX Games of the Olympiad in London, England!

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