Northland Dancers at London Olympics – Days 4 and 5

August 4, 2012

in 2012 London Olympics

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Northland Dancers Visit StonehengeNorthland-Dancers-London-Olympics 2012Northland-Dancers-with-AccreditationNorthland-Dancers-in-Olympic-Stadium

Day 4

We won’t worry about talking about breakfast as they are pretty much always the same, so we’ll start with getting on the bus and are off to Stonehenge! Stonehenge was erected by the ancients; it is a mystical, magical rock formation that was left for us to figure out the mysterious meaning behind it. Next on the schedule is Bayside Festival for our performances. Bayside is where the Olympic sailing events are held – very fun! At Bayside we created TWO Flash Mobs, and the best part is the parents who traveled with us danced in the mob too. Go ladies – you were great! We did two performances of our routine and then back on the bus and on our way to the hotel for dinner. Everyone is tired so we all head off to bed.

Day 5

First our breakfast and then off to the Tower Of London! This visit was visually and mentally interesting. I am sure if I lived during this time that King Henry would have lopped off my head too! And what could be more visual than the crown jewels – did someone say BLING!! We visited St. Paul’s Cathedral where Charles and Diana were married. Incredibly beautiful! We also walked the 482 steps up into the dome, much like the walk up into the Statue of Liberty, and back down again. During dinner we all ate dessert guilt free! Tonight we had two performances at Exhibition Road. This was a really fun location and fun performances. Then it’s out for dinner, back on the bus, back to the hotel, and back to bed to be ready to go again tomorrow!

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