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August 13, 2012

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This is our wrap-up blog about our London Olympic trip. It was a positive experience and I want to thank everyone that attended, because it took all of us to make this trip a success! Below you will find the names of each traveler, with photos shown for each of the dancers. The number next to each name was the bus number they shouted out to be sure we had everyone in attendance on the bus each time we left a venue. Oops, you may notice a couple people forgot to list their number here. Enjoy reading their heartfelt comments about their favorite moments and blessings they received from this trip. I hope you enjoy the read!

#1 – Corrie Dunn

Corrie DunnAll of it! I feel this is the best trip we have ever had and feel so grateful for the group and the opportunities. We danced at Olympic Park, Olympic venues, and this is something the kids and I will never forget. It really has been a trip of a lifetime! I feel so blessed by God for this amazing trip!

#2 – Larry Rolf

My favorite moment was the soccer game at Wembley Stadium, having Pat and Mark explain the game to me. My blessing was our bus driver, and his outstanding navigational skills. He got us out of some really tough traffic and parking situations.

#3 – Teresa Rolf

Teresa RolfOther than the dancing and the flash mobs I would have to say attending the soccer game was the most exciting experience. We sat in 9th row at this fabulous event. I am blessed by the wonderful group of people we had the opportunity to travel with to London. This includes students, parents, tour guide and bus driver!

#4 – Michele Barrett

My favorite memory is the flash mob at London Live and watching the dancers encourage kids from the audience to come up and dance. I feel most blessed to have spent an action packed week with such wonderful people.

#5 – Katie Barrett

My favorite part was Oxford and the flash mob. I am really thankful I got to have this experience and got to watch everyone dance and get to know them better.

#6 – Renee Nelson

My favorite memories were shoe shopping at “Mr. Shoes” with Aria and trying on all kinds of funky shoes. The other is eating Tiramisu at Strada. It was a blessing to spend quiet time with Aria every evening recapping the day and letting her know how proud I was to be her mom.

#7 – Tracy Rieger

Favorite moment was watching the kids dance! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

#8 – Chris Lien

My favorite moment was watching the dancers perform at the venues and hearing he cheers and compliments from the spectators. I am very proud of them. I feel blessed that we have had a save and wonderful trip of a lifetime.

#9 – Linda Deschene

had a save and wonderful trip of a lifetime.
#9) Linda Deschene: My favorite moment was hearing the cheers for the dancers and flash mob at Weymouth Bay Festival. I’m most blessed that I was able to have this experience with my daughter and granddaughter, making memories of a lifetime.

#11 – Pat Barrett

I had a great week sharing time with my family and wonderful people on the trip. I loved the flash mobs and the experience at the Eye.

#12 – Carrie Acitelli

My favorite place we visited was Oxford. I loved trouncing around Christ Church, exploring with our Northland family! My favorite moments were the flash mobs. I loved the look of surprise and excitement it garnered from the crowds. You could see it in their faces eyes – fun fun fun! Biggest blessing has been the ability and opportunity to be here at the Olympics.

#13 – Mark Ford

Best memory – seeing the people at each festival cheer our dancers like they were watching an act on TV or Broadway. The comments I heard make me proud of the talent that my daughters and the group have! Blessed – Our lives are always blessed, but on this trip our new son is having a tough in Mom’s tummy. Can’t wait to meet him but not just yet for his sake!

#16 – Michelle Manos

My favorite moment was walking into Olympic Park. Knowing we were surrounded by people from all over the world! Feeling the excitement, and watching my children was truly an experience of a life time. I am thankful I was able to experience St. Paul’s Cathedral with my children. Climbing to the top and looking over all of London! Knowing a “dream” less than a year ago came true! Lighting candles and sending blessings to all.

#17 – Antonio Manos

Antonio had many great and favorite moments that he says he cannot put into words.

#18 – Sharon Holscher

My favorite experience was the “second Flash Mob” at the Weymouth Festival. It was great to see the crowd’s reaction. My favorite sight to see was our time in Oxford seeing all the old buildings and shopping. This has been a totally wonderful trip!!

#19 – Cori Duprey

My favorite moment of the London trip was the Flash Mobs at Weymouth Festival. The kids did so awesome and seeing the expression on everyone’s faces in the audience was so fun to watch. All of the sightseeing we have seen has been so amazing that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Spending time getting to know, and bonding, with everyone on the bus has been great also!! “Wakey Wakey”.

#20 – Cecelia Aponte

Many favorite moments. I enjoyed talking to the local people about our dancers. Everyone watching the performances seemed to really enjoy them. Lots of great comments from the local spectators. I feel blessed by having an opportunity to see my children perform in London.

#22 – Thomas Aponte

Thomas AponteGetting to experience the different cultures and experiences in London and during the Olympics. Seeing all the famous buildings and landmarks in London, and in Oxford. Being fortunate enough to be able to go to the Olympics.

#23 – Gloria Lanthier

I won’t forget the thrill of watching and dancing in the flash mob at Weymouth Festival. “What a joy!” I am blessed to have had this marvelous opportunity of a lifetime, with great company and a wonderful learning experience.

#24 – Chad Johnson

There would be more than one favorite moment on this trip – watching the kids enjoy dancing – free time! – hospitality of Maria and Colin – the beautiful building and landscapes. I am blessed to be able to enjoy this time with my daughter, and to be able to go on a journey like this!

#26 – Christine Mannella

The Stonehenge site took my breath away. I was struck by the magnificence of the stones and the design of the ball and socket by the ancients. The more I learned the more I was intrigued by the mystery of Stonehenge. I also loved the Flash Mobs and trying to get the people to join in… My favorite performance was Exhibition Road!! I am most grateful to share this trip with my mother and my daughter. I will cherish these memories.

#27 – Suzanne Lee

My most exhilarating moment was reaching the very top of the St. Paul Cathedral, after climbing 528 steps, and having a panoramic view of all of London! It was truly breath taking! The next most exhilarating moment was, again, enjoying the panoramic view of London from the London Eye. A 35 minute revolution in a capsule with other parents, grandparents, and seeing the Houses of Parliament, West Minster Abbey, and the very Cathedral I had climbed the day before! I enjoyed the most, the very personal way of experiencing London with other loved ones! The most blessed moment was lighting a votive candle and praying for loved ones at the St. Paul Cathedral. Also I felt so blessed being accepted and included in this wonderful group of people that I have had very limited connection with prior to this trip. Now they are all my friends!

#28 – Adam Aponte

Adam AponteMy favorite part of the trip was seeing all the cool buildings around London and Oxford. I feel blessed to be able to meet all the interesting people along the way.

#30 – Aria Nelson

Aria NelsonMy favorite part of the trip was shopping and hearing Maria say “wakey wakey”. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to come to London. It was fun to have a different kind of audience than we normally have at dance competitions and recitals.

#31 – Kathryn Wust

Kathryn WustMy favorite part of the trip was either going to the Olympic women’s soccer game or going on the Zipline with Taylor Ford! I feel blessed to have had such an opportunity at such a young age, and for making it around London safely with my Mom and the rest of the group.

#32 – Bre Lien

Brie LienMy favorite part of the trip was the London Dungeon. I feel blessed that I was able to perform with my sprained ankle.

#33 – Johanna Barrett

Johanna BarrettI loved when we got to the airport in the morning, because the trip had just begun. I was blessed being able to come.

#34 – Danielle Manos

Danielle ManosMy favorite part was when we went on the London Eye. The part I am most blessed about is that this is a once in a lifetime chance.

#35 – Bella Acitelli

Bella AcitelliI am so blessed to have this opportunity at all, because not a lot of kids are able to do these things. My parents worked so hard for me to be here today. I am mainly thankful for my hard working parents!

#36 – Mikalyn Sonterre

Mikalyn SonterreMy favorite part of the trip would be shopping. I’m so blessed to just be here and having the opportunity to perform here.

#37 – Olivia Mannella

Olivia MannellaFavorite Moment – Flash Mobs, Stonehenge, and the London Dungeon. I’m blessed for the opportunity to be here with all the people I love!

#38 – Taylor Ford

Taylor FordMy favorite memory was the London Dungeon and just getting to see all the incredible sights. I am so grateful to be on this trip.

#39 – Jordyn Duprey

Jordan DupreySeeing all the places Harry Potter got filmed.

#40 – Nick Bluhm

Nick BluhmMy favorite moment was the soccer game. Blessed for the opportunity to go here.

#41 – Miranda Johnson

Miranda JohnsonMy favorite part was when we did the flash mob! I am blessed that I got to come to London and perform.

#42 – Maria Manos

Maria ManosFavorite part – the flash mobs and performing.

Carlene Gerrick

My favorite thing is hard to identify because there are so many! I loved the flash mob and the effect that had on the crowds. I also loved seeing the amazing architecture in London. What a beautiful city. Lastly the parents, kids, driver, and guide made the trip a comfortable, pleasurable one!

Laurel Bluhm

Favorite moments – “London Live Performance”, soccer game between UK and Brazil. Blessing – Opportunity to finance this trip. Also the ability to spend time with my son.

Elizabeth Wust

Favorite moment – Flash mob and walking into the soccer game with all the people. Blessings – all the people we are traveling with, the support, caring, and new friends made.

Bella Ford

Bella FordMy favorite moment was being able to go on the London Eye, and seeing everything while riding it. Also I’m blessed of being able to go to London and performing at exciting events.

Quinn Gerrick

Quinn GarrickMy favorite moment was when I went to the Christ Church in Oxford. Potter rocks! P.S. Don’t do the peace sign in London.

Parents Inside The London Eye

Thanks for following us on this incredible journey and maybe you can join us next time!

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