Our Last Few Days In London

Northland Dancers pose with a 'bobbi' while touring and performing at the London Eye

August 4, 2012

in 2012 London Olympics

Day 6

We were all up early, had our everyday breakfast, and were on the bus and on our way to the London Eye. The London Eye is a huge Ferris wheel type of ride that has large clear cars and holds over 20 people per car. It moves a complete revolution every 35 minutes, and it never stops. You just jump on and off as the car is moving by. The panoramic view from this elevation is fabulous! It was a lovely place to walk, shop and watch the street performers. Next on the schedule is free time! Translation for free time; you are left to do the tourist thing on your own, and someone either looses a wallet or someone gets lost. Some of us shopped, some went to the London Dungeon. At the London Dungeon Cecelia was arrested for dancing naked in the street, and shot to death. Not sure if they gave her a trial or not? Next is our performance in London Live in Victoria Park. We did our flash mob again and it was a complete success! A number of the audience members joined in and we had a blast. Two young men told our parents it was “the best bloody thing they had seen all day” LOL! After the flash mob we performed our routine, and enjoyed the park. I was put into a clear plastic ball and rolled around a course, really fun. Several of the kids took a ride on the Zip Line. I could hear them screaming for a long distance. Then back on the bus, and back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. It was a great day for our last London performance.

Day 7

Uh oh… raining, and raining hard! We all got pretty drenched this morning, and then the sun came out and was beautiful. We went to Windsor Castle and it did not disappoint! I want a castle like that! We toured the castle and I would recommend it to anyone that ever believed in fairytales. Oh one disappointment – no pictures can be taken in the castle ☹ There was also a lovely place to shop, and have a lunch if you’re hungry. We went to Covent Garden. I thought it was a garden, but no it wasn’t. My best description of this was that it was a fabulous shopping, eating, art fair. Off to eat and then back to the hotel to pack and get ready to fly home.

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Coming attraction –

Everyone is going to be writing and sharing their favorite moments. Stay tuned! We also pray that everything goes well for the flight home!

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