Testimonials from our happy clients

Laura Siegel

Laura Siegel, happy NSOD DancerNorthland is well known in the dance community as an exceptional dance studio. What sets NSOD apart from the rest goes far beyond just great dance instruction. Northland truly cares about their dancers as people and not only promotes, but teaches strong positive character development which is such an important life lesson to learn and will be of great use to their dancers in whatever they chose to do in life. Northland dancers are not only taught and prepared for the dance floor, but for life itself! We are so happy to be a part of the NSOD Team.

~Laura Siegel’s Parents ~Will & Christy


Mandi and Valerie Ayieni

ValerieThis is our 4th year at Northland, and it truly has become a home away from home!!! We love it here! The people are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. We have met some of our closest friends here. My daughter was very shy when she first started and she has just come out of her little shell so much and has grown into to this girl who loves to dance and be with people! The dance teachers are some of the best you will ever meet! You know that they truly love their job and they love the children that they are working with! I feel so fortunate to have found Northland! Thank you!



Kasey Dumonceaux

My daughter started dancing at Northland School of Dance when she was 4 years old. We lived a few miles from the studio and found it to be a fun, friendly and close place to dance. A few years later we moved. There was no way we could leave Northland. By this point, we had realized that this was not just a pleasant place to dance, this was a family and a second home. We have attended many dance competitions over the years and I have come to realize that our teachers are GENIUS. Every year our dances are even more incredible and creative than the year before. I want to thank Corrie and Teresa for being such an amazing influence in my daughter’s life. I have nothing but love and respect for both of them. Sometimes, you have to choose what is more important to you. Do you want an amazing quality of dance or that wholesome family feel? With Northland, that is truly NOT the case. Their high quality of dance and their loving family values will definitely keep Northland my daughters second home.


The Ness Family

Alyssa and Tyler NessI’d like to take a moment to let everyone know what a wonderful place Northland is. It has not only become the place in which my daughter and son have learned to dance, but it also is the place in which I consider my second home. The hours spent at the studio are just like the embrace of a family, our extended family.

When we began here at Northland 10 years ago, my two year old daughter could’nt wait to wear a tutu and dance somewhere other than our living room. Throughout the years, the stage has become her showcase and her love for this art shows with every breath she takes. Our son has sinced decided to follow in his sister’s footsteps and is now enrolled in the boys class as well as being on a competing company. It is truly a safe, nurturing and fun place to be. The teachers do not teach becuase it is their duty, but because they LOVE what they do. They treat each child as if they were their own. I truly believe that any student here is special. I know these things first hand because I am not only a mother, but I also work here as staff. Feel free to ask me anything.

God Bless

Heather Ness


The Wilson Family

The Wilson BoysMy name is Jaimi Wilson. I started dance at the age of four and continued to study dance for a total of 25 years, with my last 15 being at Northland. Because I was on the Senior Company for the first couple of years, and then the Eternal Stars (young adult class) for the rest of my stay at Northland, I spent a lot of time around the studio. This is where I met six of my most treasured life-long friends (including Corrie, who I love dearly). Teresa was like a second mom to all of us girls, and still is. From her, we were instilled not only a love for dance, but Christian values and morals that helped to make us successful and confident women out there beyond the walls of the dance studio. I cannot thank her enough for that.

I took a hiatus from Northland for a few years to have a family of my own and I am thrilled to be back there now as a parent of two boys that dance in the Punks (little boys) class! Seeing everything through a parent’s eyes, I realize it now more than ever what an impact Northland has had on my, my friends…. and now my boys. God truly has his hand on Corrie and Teresa (and the rest of the staff) as they teach and (more importantly) love their students – each and every one of them. I know you’ll feel as blessed as I do being a part of the Northland family!


The Fourcault Family

Fourcault girlNSOD has  made our daughter grow  as a dancer and as an individual. The staff have  effectively created an environment that fosters caring and a strong sense of  community.

With its world-class  teachers and top-notch facilities, NSOD instructs its dancers on technique and form,  but equally important, it teaches character ~ a skill many of our youth so desperately  need.

Jon and Ann-Marie  Foucault


The Serum Family

Morgan MatthesonHaving my daughter dance at Northland School of Dance has been one of the best influences in her life. This studio genuinely cares about our kids.

Corrie and Teresa Rolf take the time to not only teach great dance and choreography, they take the time to make sure that these kids make the right choices as they travel through their daily journey. As we know, this message often hits home quicker when spoken by others than the kids parents.

Last year I was unsure of whether my daughter was going to be able to come back to NSOD due to a surgery. My fear wasn’t just that my daughter might not be able to dance again, but the loss of a family of teachers, dancers, staff and parents that have truly become some of our best friends.

If you are looking for a dance studio, I wouldn’t think twice about looking any further than NSOD, you won’t be disappointed!

Lori Serum and Morgan Matthiesen


The West Family

The West GirlsThis is our family’s first year at NSOD. Our daughters’ danced competitively at smaller studio for years. We were looking for a studio that could offer more to our girls but would maintain the family atmosphere of our last studio.

We found it at NSOD. We all felt immediately at ease. Our many questions were answered by not only friendly staff but friendly students and parents as well. The organization of this studio is outstanding! Weekly email updates keep us in the know.  We truly feel at home at NSOD.

Patrick and Teri West


The Lynch Family

Stacy and Kelly LynchLet me start by saying choosing Northland School of Dance 13 years ago as the studio for my oldest daughter to dance was by far on of the best decisions I have made. I have two daughters that have been dancing at Northland since they were 4 years old. My youngest was a leg clinger, you know the VERY bashful type. Anytime anyone, even family, would pay any kind of attention to her she would cry. Putting her in dance was something I hoped would help her with that. Well let me tell you there isn’t much of that bashful little girl who didn’t even want to dance because she didn’t like people watching her left. That part of her is gone. She dances in front of hundreds of people with her groups and as a soloist. She has done this since she was 7. Dance at Northland has given both of my girls self confidence and the poise you dream of for your daughters. Dance has been an inspirational second home and a place where they have both made some life long friends. Being a part of Northland is like being a part of a very large family. The teachers put 100% of themselves into the all the kids they teach. I can’t thank them enough for the atmosphere and the life long lessons they have given my children.

Tammy Lynch