Northland School of Dance has a Student Assistant program. Students team with the teacher to assist and demonstrate for the class. Students wishing to advance their own skills, and help other students and teachers while doing so, audition for this program. In addition to these Student Assisting positions, each year Northland selects one Advanced Scholarship Student Assistant. We proudly present to you the 2014-2015 Northland Student Assistants.

Northland School of Dance Student Teacher Dance Assistants

Northland School of Dance 2014/2015 Student Assistants

TOP ROW: left to right
Johannah Barrett, Alyssa Ulrick, Tyrena Murch, Max Erickson, Olivia Weigand, Lauren Retka, Hannah Enstad

MIDDLE ROW: left to right
Lauren Verhulst, Makenzie Schowalter, Celia Cook, Laura Siegel, Meggie Eldridge, Ava Seidel, Kasey Dumonceaux

BOTTOM ROW: left to right
Bella Ford, Emma Vandekieft, Halle Huttle, Lauryn Fieldseth, Lauren Dinh

Northland School of Dance 2014/2015 Advanced Scholarship Student Assistant

Kasey Dumonceaux, Advanced Scholarship Assistant, Northland School of DanceKASEY DUMONCEAUX