Jessica Holker

Jessica Holker, Guest TeacherJessica  Holker began her dance training as a little girl in a pre-
school class right  here at Northland School of Dance! She moved
to  Utah as a young girl and continued her  training.
Since her young days with Northland, she has trained with the greats  of the industry studying jazz, ballet, tap and hip-hop under Joe Lantari,  Joclyn Dowling, Mia Michaels, Dee Caspary, Ray Leaper, Jacki Sleight, Lisa  Danias, Darryl Yeager, Gil Stroming, Cory Finn, Lisa Stoddart, Dante, Trey  Barber, and Kevin Mayer and many other internationally reknown instructors.
Jessica’s  performance resume is quite impressive and include the
2002 Winter Olympic and  various industrials. You’ve seen her on
television with Disney productions and  the Pearl Music awards.
She has performed on stage with Radio Cities Christmas  Spect-
acular, numerous productions for Disney, and most recently in  Las Vegas with Celine  Dion.
It is  nice to have Jessica back at Northland as a guest teacher.