Lindsey Spoolman

Lindsey SpoolmanAfter stepping back from the world of dance, Lindsey was looking for something more than just a workout. When she found yoga “it was love at first asana.” Wanting to know more about this thing called yoga, she enrolled in a “Yogi Training” program along with a 200 hour teacher certification. Lindsey began to see personal changes in mind and body and fell deeper in love with the idea of having a personal practice.

Being involved in a practice that is noncompetitive with ones self or with each other is pure beauty to Lindsey. Staying on your mat and experiencing your own sensations in the present moment is something she wishes for everyone. It is a bonus that yoga is beneficial both mentally and physically – a way to step back, take a breath, and enjoy where you are at in life.

One of Lindsey’s personal mantras is, “Live life to its fullest while you have this life to live.”