LeeAnn Loesch

LeeAnn Loesch, Assistant TeacherIt all began for LeeAnn Loesch (LeeAnn Arseneau) when
Teresa opened a small dance studio in the basement of the
Crystal Knight of Columbus Hall.  LeeAnn lived down the block
and was able to walk to her lessons.  A year later and a lot of
practice,she became Teresa’s first teaching assistant. A
member of the original “Northlandettes” LeeAnn continued to
train at Northland under the direction of Teresa and Northland’s
first ballet master John Hallahan (Mr. H). She won numerous
awards personally as a soloist and company member as well
as an instructor/choreographer until 1987 when she retired from
to start a family.
LeeAnn is happy to be back home at Northland as an instructor
and as a mom.