Kar Dance Competition Awards

Judges choice – Terrific Timing Award Winner – NORTHERNLITE COMPANY TAP- I’LL FLY AWAY Junior Photogenic Winner – TIERZAH VANHOUTEN Judges choice – Most Entertaining – SENIOR COMPANY JAZZ CAIRO Judges choice – Boys got swag Award Winner – HEARTBREAKERS – SPACE JAM Judges choice – Fame on the way

Senior Pom 2020-21

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=how4ChdDHdo2020 was a crazy year and we decided to bring Pom to our studio! The teacher and choreographer CeCe Talbot competed Pom at North Dakota State university, she was so excited to bring pom to Northland. These Pom dancers worked so hard hitting their motions and giving the audience an

This is Alyssa Roper

She graduated in 2020 and went on to dance for the University of St. Thomas Dance team.In 2021 St. Thomas won a double national title at UDA college dance competition.We are so proud of you Alyssa!

Alyssa Ulrick – NYCDAF Destiny Rising Scholarship Recipient!

Big Congratulations to Alyssa Ulrick! On Jan 30, at the culmination of the Destiny Rising show at the Joyce Theater in NYC, Alyssa Ulrick was awarded an $8000 Scholarship for the college of her choice by the New York City Dance Alliance Foundation. We are so proud of her, and

Alyssa Ness, 2013 National Outstanding Female Dancer

Alyssa Ness, of Ramsey, MN has had quite a year. In March, she underwent hip surgery to repair her torn labrum by stitching it back together, along with quite a bit of work on the surrounding bone – shaving bone on the femur and hip socket. She was told the

‘G’ is for Grand Plie’ – Dance Terminology A – Z

In a Grand Plie’, the back should be straight, aligned with the heel and the legs are turned out with knees over the feet. As a movement, it should be fluid. It may also be in preparation for another movement such as a leap. Alyssa Ness demonstrates a beautiful Grand

How do I buy the correct Pointe shoe?

Students can’t wait to purchase their first pair of pointe’ shoes, it is one of those special mile markers in a dancer’s life. It is best for the student who is buying their first pair of pointe shoes to go to a reputable dance store that has experience in fitting

‘E’ is for Eleve’ – Dance Terminology A – Z

An eleve’ is a movement in which a dancer rises up high onto the balls of the feet, or all the way up to full pointe, from flat feet. An eleve’ is simply a releve’ without the plie’. Alyssa Ness demonstrates a beautiful Eleve’ for our post.

‘D’ is for Demi-Plie – Dance Terminology A – Z

A Demi-Plie is a half bend at the knees and should be done to two counts. It is the basis of everything you do in ballet. It is important to hold your back, shoulders and front straight. It is a good idea to face the barre when doing plies as

‘C’ is for Chasse – Dance Terminology A – Z

A slide with both legs bent either forward, backward or sideways and meeting in the air straightened. It can be done either in a gallop (like children pretending to ride a horse) or by pushing the first foot along the floor in a plié and springing into the air where