Dee Caspery

Well known American choreographer Dewitt “Dee” Talmadge Caspary IV was born to Dewitt Talmadge III and Brenda Caspary, last in the line of three. At age ten, his mother and sister Tina inspired him to begin dancing lessons, which he endured a few years before plunging into the world of sports. By the time he reached the age of twelve, he was cast in the Disney TV show, “Kids Incorporated” as a dancer from 1987 to 1988. Following that, he danced on the show “Wild Orchid” in 1988. In 1988, he began dancing with Paula Abdul, and appeared in two of her music videos, “Knocked Out” and “Forever Your Girl.” Also among her choreographers was Dominic Lucero. The both of them also appeared in Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up!” video. In 1989, Dee became a dancer for Tiffany. He toured with both Tiffany and New Kids on the Block worldwide, as well as with EYC, touring with Trey Parker. Back at home, his older sister, Tina (Katrina), was cast in the movie “Mac and Me” in one of the lead roles. He too appeared in the movie as a dancer during the McDonald’s scene, also with Dominic Lucero. After these tours, Dee appeared in the short-lived NBC show “Hull High” as one of the many dancing students. It was there that he met Kenny Ortega, and he cast him in his directorial debut Newsies as Snitch. He continued dancing after the filming wrapped. By the time he reached twenty, he had a “reality check,” in which he took stock of his life, beginning to wonder what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He decided to become a choreographer full-time. Dee then began choreographing with EDGE, and has owned Studio C with Tina. He has also toured with dancing groups such as West Coast Dance Explosion, Los Angeles Dance Force, and LA Undeground. He worked with the El Portal Theater for five years and choreographed the shows “A Time No More”, “IV”, “The Inferno of Sin”, “The Glass Case”, and “The Last Letter.” He traveled worldwide, and in the summer of 2000, he worked at El Portal Theatre. He also participated in a choreography competition at the Palm Springs Finals from July 3-8. He and choreographer Melissa Mendenhall won an award in senior choreography under the categories of open, body language and dance range. On February 10 & 11, 2001, Dee joined with another choreographer, April Smith, and together they won the LA Danceforce Award for their work with Allied Dance Productions. They won for senior best overall solo/duo/trip/group, senior solo/duo/trio – ballet/lyrical/modern, senior solo/duo/trio – jazz/hip hop, and choreographic achievement! On April 13, 2002, won a third place Diamond Choreography Award for 12 and Under Small Group with “true compassion,” a third place for 13 and Older Small Group for “cold outside,” a first place for the small group High Score Intensive Age 15 and older with “cold outside,” and first place Overall Score Small Group 13 and older for “cold outside.” Dee works with dance group The West Coast Dance Explosion that tours not only the West Coast but nationwide. He also often fills in as a guest choreographer at the Broadway Dance Center, is part of Los Angeles Bloc Agency and works with Shake the Floor, Pacific Coast Dance Fest, SourceDance, Bobbi’s School of the Performing Arts and Tremaine Dance Studios. He also works with DRA: Dancers Responding to AIDS. Dee opened his own dance company in LA, IV Dance Company. Dee also teaches at Morrolandis Dance Studios in North Hollywood, DanceWire performances, West Lake Dance, Pulse Dance Studio and raises money for AIDS research. He directed “The Shoot,” a program that choreographs its participants and allows them to learn to shoot their own music videos, then even auditioning for actual music videos. He recently finished work with Lab Entertainment Group’s “Pick Up the Bloom,” set to premier on MTV soon.