Testimonials from Our Happy Dancers

We enrolled our daughters at NSOD 2 years ago after our previous studio closed its doors unexpectedly. While we were sad to leave the studio we had called home for 3 years, we now think of it as a blessing. Our girls have really improved and thrived since joining the Jam Babies and Little Rascals recreational dance classes. We have watched their technical skills grow in addition to their love for dance. We have watched weekly as their dance instructor teaches the girls' classes with an equal amount of love for the students, knowledge of dance, and accountability for joining a team as well as listening and following directions. In addition to the high quality classes at NSOD, we have found a wonderful group of families and have built meaningful personal relationships. We really have enjoyed our experience at NSOD and look forward to our girls' future in dance with the support of NSOD!
The Thompson Family
Savannah has been at Northland School of Dance since she was 3yrs old. We started in rec classes and then last year made the jump to the pre-comp line. The growth in Savannah’s confidence, her technique, and her love for dance in the last 2 years is amazing! Northland is a studio that’s full of teachers who encourage their students, push their students, and Northland is a home away from home for so many of the kids there. Ashley has high expectations for her dancers, but always ensures that those expectations are attainable through hard work and practice. Barb and Ashley have created a studio environment where dancers know that they are walking into a safe place, and that’s so important in the world today. My daughter went from whining about 1 hour of class one day a week to now being in the studio 3-4 days per week – and doing her first solo! – and she hasn’t complained once. We’re an NSOD proud family, and will continue to be an NSOD proud family! Thank you so much Barb and Ashley, for ensuring that Northland School of Dance is a studio that promotes growth, respect, hard work, positive attitudes, and so much more!
Amber Navarro
We love NSOD!!!! Parker was just 3 when she started dancing with Jam Babies and she just loved it. A little shy and apprehensive at first – because Parker hadn’t attended a daycare or preschool yet – so being with other children and a teacher was all new to her! Miss Jiffy was so patient and always worked to build up Parkers self-confidence, really teaching her the love of dance. Over the years, we also participated in the fun summer offerings to learn about different styles of dance and Acro. Parker is now 7, and dances in a Pre Competition Line and has her own solo! We can’t express enough how we love this place! We are allowed to compete without the pressure, we are able to grow skills without it feeling like an ultimatum to move forward. It feels like an extended family, close friends, a community, we know these will be friends that she grows with for the rest of her life. Support is there for all dancers, from the instructors, other dancers and families. We can ask the owners Barb and Ashley a million questions – and they are always happy to help! We’ve moved about 40 minutes away from the studio – but we wouldn’t consider changing studios – NSOD is the place for us!
Judy Andrescik
My daughter started dancing at Northland School of Dance when she was 4 years old. We lived a few miles from the studio and found it to be a fun, friendly and close place to dance. A few years later we moved. There was no way we could leave Northland. By this point, we had realized that this was not just a pleasant place to dance, this was a family and a second home. We have attended many dance competitions over the years and I have come to realize that our teachers are GENIUS. Every year our dances are even more incredible and creative than the year before. I want to thank Corrie and Teresa for being such an amazing influence in my daughter’s life. I have nothing but love and respect for both of them. Sometimes, you have to choose what is more important to you. Do you want an amazing quality of dance or that wholesome family feel? With Northland, that is truly NOT the case. Their high quality of dance and their loving family values will definitely keep Northland my daughters second home
Kasey Dumonceaux
I’d like to take a moment to let everyone know what a wonderful place Northland is. It has not only become the place in which my daughter and son have learned to dance, but it also is the place in which I consider my second home. The hours spent at the studio are just like the embrace of a family, our extended family. When we began here at Northland 10 years ago, my two year old daughter could’nt wait to wear a tutu and dance somewhere other than our living room. Throughout the years, the stage has become her showcase and her love for this art shows with every breath she takes. Our son has sinced decided to follow in his sister’s footsteps and is now enrolled in the boys class as well as being on a competing company. It is truly a safe, nurturing and fun place to be. The teachers do not teach becuase it is their duty, but because they LOVE what they do. They treat each child as if they were their own. I truly believe that any student here is special. I know these things first hand because I am not only a mother, but I also work here as staff. Feel free to ask me anything. God Bless.
Heather Ness
Having my daughter dance at Northland School of Dance has been one of the best influences in her life. This studio genuinely cares about our kids. Corrie and Teresa Rolf take the time to not only teach great dance and choreography, they take the time to make sure that these kids make the right choices as they travel through their daily journey. As we know, this message often hits home quicker when spoken by others than the kids parents. Last year I was unsure of whether my daughter was going to be able to come back to NSOD due to a surgery. My fear wasn’t just that my daughter might not be able to dance again, but the loss of a family of teachers, dancers, staff and parents that have truly become some of our best friends. If you are looking for a dance studio, I wouldn’t think twice about looking any further than NSOD, you won’t be disappointed!
Lori Serum and Morgan Matthiesen
Let me start by saying choosing Northland School of Dance 13 years ago as the studio for my oldest daughter to dance was by far on of the best decisions I have made. I have two daughters that have been dancing at Northland since they were 4 years old. My youngest was a leg clinger, you know the VERY bashful type. Anytime anyone, even family, would pay any kind of attention to her she would cry. Putting her in dance was something I hoped would help her with that. Well let me tell you there isn’t much of that bashful little girl who didn’t even want to dance because she didn’t like people watching her left. That part of her is gone. She dances in front of hundreds of people with her groups and as a soloist. She has done this since she was 7. Dance at Northland has given both of my girls self confidence and the poise you dream of for your daughters. Dance has been an inspirational second home and a place where they have both made some life long friends. Being a part of Northland is like being a part of a very large family. The teachers put 100% of themselves into the all the kids they teach. I can’t thank them enough for the atmosphere and the life long lessons they have given my children!
Tammy Lynch
After enrolling my daughter in dance at 2 studios in the Twin Cities, which subsequently closed their doors after a short time, I was looking for a stable studio with a long-standing history and good reputation. Northland School of Dance easily came to mind as I was a student of Teresa’s many years ago. My daughter and I couldn’t be happier! At NSOD, my daughter not only gets training from the most reputable and talented instructors, she also has created friendships, learns responsibility and respect, builds her confidence, and is taught the finest form of sportsmanship. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere, strong family values, volunteerism of the studio, and pride they have in each and every student. We have bonded at NSOD and can’t imagine a better place to dance.
Amy Fisher
Two years ago we bought a new house and decided to switch to Northland. I couldn’t be happier with this choice. My daughter receives top notch dance training in a supportive environment. Teamwork is a top priority which I love so much! Not only has my daughter made wonderful friends along the way but so have I. The teachers and owner are always ready to talk about any concerns and work together with parents to help the dancers meet goals. We love Northland!
Shannon Peasha

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