Things You Need to Know About Dance Conventions

One of our favorite times of the year is when conventions come to town! Dance conventions are an incredible opportunity for dancers to take classes and learn from amazing, professional, dance teachers and choreographers from around the country. Students are inspired by the teachers, energized by the camaraderie of the dance community, and have loads of fun learning multiple dances and combinations over one weekend, absorbing every minute of it!

Whether it’s your first convention or tenth it’s normal to get butterflies mixed with nervousness and excitement in the days leading up to it.

After attending Celebrity Dance, our first convention this season, we asked dancers for tips and advice they’d give to others on convention success. Our Risingstar Company gave us:

14 Tips For A Successful Dance Convention

  1. Have Fun! Dance Isn’t Just For Winning
    The best part about conventions is you’re with ALL your friends and you get to meet new friends!
  2. Wear Something Neon, Bright, And Something You Feel Comfortable In
    Wearing something colorful will help get you noticed, but wearing something you feel comfortable moving and dancing in is even more important.
  3. Do Not Sit Down, Always Practice On The Side
    It doesn’t last forever, the time for rest will come, but when it’s dance time..DANCE!
  4. Try Your Best And Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes
    Mistakes = growth.
  5. NO Means Next Opportunity
    This is not the end. Opportunities will always come and you just have to keep practicing so you are ready.
  6. Be Respectful – Raise Your Hand Don’t Blurt Out Answers
    Classroom etiquette and student behavior is a priority. Be respectful to the teacher and other students around you.
  7. It’s OKAY If You Don’t Win A Scholarship
    Not winning a scholarship doesn’t mean you didn’t try your best or aren’t a good dancer, it just means – NEXT OPPORTUNITY.
  8. Eat Healthy
    Keeping your body hydrated and fuelled the entire weekend is important, your body will thank you later.
  9. Do Your Hair And Bring Appropriate Clothes
    Don’t roll out of bed and go to the convention, do your favorite hairstyle, use some hair spray. Have appropriate clothes; put on sweatpants for Hip Hop and don’t wear baggy clothes for ballet.
  10. Make Sure You Have All Your Shoes
    Always have the correct dance shoes, sneakers for Hip Hop, Ballet slippers, tap shoes, if you want to go barefoot or socks that’s okay too!
  11. Spread Out When Picking Your Spot And Get In The Front
    Dancing in the front makes it easier to focus and learn the choreography, having enough space is important too so you can do moves full out, but don’t worry there will be time for smaller groups too!
  12. Don’t Give Up! When You Are Tired, That’s When You Work Harder!
    The weekend will end, you will get to go home and rest, but when you are at the convention time that is not the time to rest!
  13. Get A Good Night Sleep!
    You body will thank you for going to bed early, don’t scroll on TikTok all night long get some rest!
  14. Lastly, Do Not Eat Taco Bell
    Molly has learn from experience Taco Bell does not mix well with dance conventions.