Who We Are

Thank you for stopping by. It is our hope that after taking a look around you will consider choosing Northland School of Dance as your dance home. We know you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and excitement generated by the entire Northland staff and students. Our first and foremost concern is your child. At Northland a student is not just a number or position on a line, but a whole person with a name, and the teachers have the opportunity to give them the individual attention they so rightly deserve.

Ashley Rosstedt and Barb Larson

Northland offers limited class sizes with ample staff to meet each student’s needs. Emphasis on strong ballet technique, showmanship and good sportsmanship are at our core.

We offer exciting programs for all levels. From beginners to advanced. Pre-competitive to competitive. All dancers will find a home here at Northland.

The tradition of the Northland family generated by staff, parents, and students alike will remain at the heart of who we are. It is not the facility that makes a warm and friendly dance studio, it’s the people. We are blessed that you continue to trust Northland to be your dance home.

It is important to remember all dance studios are not alike. Studios will vary greatly in the type of instruction and service they provide. Northland prides itself on the family atmosphere generated by the staff, parents and students. It is not the facility that makes a warm and friendly dance studio, it’s the people. Northland embodies high quality dance instruction and has produced an elite group of dancers and excellent teachers who have continually received regional and national awards for choreography and routine accomplishment. We open our doors and our arms to offer exciting programs for all levels of dance, from the beginning and recreational dancer, to an intermediate competition level or ‘pre-comp’ for those who want more without full commitment, and also offer an intensive full competition dance program.
At Northland School of Dance, we offer a limited class size with ample staff to meet all of the student’s needs. We emphasize a strong ballet foundation, mastering dance technique, showmanship and good sportsmanship. We strive for top notch, well trained performers, with strong character, a strong mind and body, good sportsmanship, a practice of loyalty, and the understanding that excellence is not always being the best, but it is always doing your best. To this end we dedicate ourselves to you.