Can Dancers Have a Healthy Work-Dance-Life Balance?

Dance is a sport that consumes a dancers heart, body, mind, and time. Dancers find themselves dedicating more time the older they get; What is the best way to keep the balance when athletes grow into pre-teens, and young adults?

Education and maintaining good grades is very important at Northland. Teachers and staff are mindful that kids are in school and may have a test to study for. Late nights at the studio can turn into homework sessions with friends, down time during long competition days can be filled with reading and stretching.

What about students who have a job to balance as well? One of our students Raelyn has maintained a job, good grades, and dances on our Senior Company; let’s hear from her!

What are some self-care things you do to maintain a healthy Dance – Work – Life Balance?

Some self care things I do to maintain a healthy balance, is relaxing every night. During the day I get as much school done as I can to try and have no homework to do in the evening. After dance I go home and do things I need to get done before the next day. I try not to use my phone to much because it can be a distraction. Also when I’m home for the night, I find it best to hang out with my dogs to relax. When I work I make sure to get enough sleep so during the weekends I can get to see my sister and hang out with my family.

Being a Senior in High School what advice would you give younger dancers on time management?

Time management is everything as you get older, going into high school can be scary but get your work done. I try and get as much work done before I have to go to dance so I can get to bed earlier. If you have a job interview show up early and be confident, it can be scary at your first job interview but your time management shows when you are early and pays off in the end. Focus on school, if anything school work comes first and you need to do your best to get good grades.

When dance friends become life-long friends it’s easy to manage your social life! Birthday parties become dance parties, and long saturday practices become team sleepovers. No matter what age or what school kids attend making friends at dance is what makes it all the more fun!

Here at Northland we support our dancers in their needs and respect their time. We strive to have a growth environment where students have space for school work, time to spend with family, and a safe space to make friends.