Ricci Milan

Ricci Milan attended Larkin Dance Studio here in the Twin Cities for 12 years. He then did the “New York Thing” for a year. In that time he performed tap and hip-hop dance for the NBA, PBS, Compaq Computers, choreographer showcases, botmisfas, the NCAA final four, on subway platforms, and he worked with award winning recording artist “Mya”. Ricci also taught competion kids in New Jersey and joined up with some guys to create the original cast of “Break the Floor”. He than did the “L.A. Thing” for 9 months where he street performed with “10 foot 5” to pay the bills while he was coming up short at 100’s of industry auditions. Ricci fell out of love with LA. so he drove to South Carolina. After a year at a family theater in Myrtle Beach (Gaylord Productions) and a year in Tokyo (Tokyo Disney Sea) he moved home to Minneapolis. He rejoined with “10 foot 5” and they recharged and rebranded with the 2004 debut of the internationally acclaimed “Buckets and Tap Shoes”. In 2008 he turned his focus to the creation of a passion project that he named, Rhythmic Circus. The company’s show was called “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!” In that same year he started a career as a dance competition choreographer, and began hosting events for Hall of Fame Dance Challenge. 2008 was also the year he met a girl named Brittany at Chicago O’Hare. In his tenure with Rhythmic Circus, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” he completed 8 national tours, 4 international tours and performed a successful broadway run at the New Victory theater in time square. Ricci also broke ground on a new company named “Rhythm Street Movement”. The company has produced promotional content for TORO Corporation, and in December of 2018 a new holiday show entitled “Who Brought the Humbug?”. Ricci’s competition pieces consistently place in the top 10 all over the country. Hall of Fame has grown to be one of the largest and most well respected competitions in the industry and he and Brittany are married with a little boy named Leonardo! Let’s dance!